Chilli Jellies Serving Ideas

  • Serve as a compliment to a good Cheese on a slice of Baguette or cracker.
  • Improve this by warming the cheese until it is easy to spread and serve with a glass of wine.
  • Glaze Chicken filets or goujons, just as they are completely cooked and ready to be served.
  • Add to a Ploughman’s Platter as a condiment.
  • Use on a sandwich, as you would any other condiment.
  • Use as a glaze on pork filets, chops, gammon’s etc..
  • Add to Sour cream and blitz, then serve with “Indian” Poppadoms with drinks.
  • Vegetarian ? Steam or boil your cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli and mix in a healthy portion just before serving.
  • Add to stir Fry vegetables, as you are cooking them.

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