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Our Artisan Sauces are just Right for a Marinade, Pour On sauce, Flavoring or can be used as a BBQ sauce. The Chili Jellies are wonderful on a piece of cheese on a baguette, a lovely glaze for Chicken, pork, beef or fish and are widely used by Vegetarians for their Cabbage or Stir Fry. The herb infused sea salts add an additional layer of flavour to anything you cook. AND...the Dry Rubs are a MUST if you are going to BBQ.

Whether smoking, grilling, oven roasting or frying, we've put together an overview; a list of 'how to' for the sauces, glazes and rubs.


Barbecue sauces are an essential part of the American BBQ experience. Here we walk you through the different ways of using sauces to make your fish, pork, beef, poultry and veggies taste great.

  • Glaze, Sweet & Sticky

Glazes give you that sweet & sticky finished coating. They are brushed on to meats as it cooks however, they are applied toward the end of cooking to create a shiny coating. Most Glazes contain sugar, which caramelizes during the cooking process, creating a sweet, sticky crust. You don’t want to apply them too early, because the sugar will burn and give you a bitter taste. So wait until the final 5 minutes before applying several coats to the grilled meat.

  • Finishing Sauces

A finishing sauce is brushed on at the end or after cooking to keep it moist and add an extra layer of flavour. In BBQ this usually means basting your ribs, chicken, beef, pork, or whatever is on the grill or in the oven, the final 5 minutes before you serve them. This helps set the sauce into a glistening coating.

  • As a dip

Use your sauces as a Dip on the side; hot or cold. Many of our sauces are used as ingredients in pizza, shepherds pie, stews, meatloaf, salad dressings and the list go’s on. Let your imagination run free.


RED DOG Artisan Foods Dry Rubs are the foundations of all the basic Dry Rubs used in America. In order to create an Authentic American BBQ flavour, you need to use a Dry Rub for the underlying background taste.

  • We have the Universal BBQ

Which has NO Chili & NO Sugar, and allows you to be creative with what you add to it for a competition Dry Rub.

  • Texas spicy:

Gives you a good kick, but isn’t too hot for the kids or granny. It is also used as the Blackening Dry Rub for authentic “New Orleans blackened red fish”.
It has Cayenne & NO Sugar.

  • St. Louis: has NO Chili & Lots of Brown Sugar.

This is a competition Go To basic Dry Rub for Ribs, Pork shoulder, Chicken, Brisket or Grilled Veg.

  • Memphis: is just like St. Louis, but it has the smokey goodness of Chipolte chili and the sweet brown sugar, combining to make Magic on everything that it touches.
  • Cajun: is the perfect combination of spices and heat to lead you down the Creole flavour trail towards authentic Gumbo or Jumbalaya. This one is HOT, with a good amount of Harbanero and Cayenne.
  • Hawaiian: is more of a coating than Dry Rub, used in conjunction with a beaten egg wash to help it stick. This coconut based coating mixed with the tropical spices of cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, vanilla and brown sugar makes a fabulous coconut shrimp, coconut fried rice,

Hawaiian pork filet…etc..

  • Monkey Puzzle: take the wonderful coconut goodness of Hawaiian and add the fiery heat of Harbanero chilies and Cayenne…Great for adding heat to Tropical Buffalo Wings.

How to use Dry Rubs:

Our first 5 dry rubs are all the basic starting combinations, prior to adding your secret ingredients for your Competition Dry Rub mixture. General speaking, our Dry Rubs only need to be lightly sifted over the product you are going to grill.

** CAUTION because paprika is a main spice, you do NOT want it heavily caked on. What can result if it is too heavily caked on, is a bitterness that can detract from your products flavour. This is true with all paprika based Dry Rubs. Once you have applied the Dry Rub, wrap in cling and let set in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.